Frequently asked questions

We are an expert option recommendation and education service. We charge a very nominal fee for our services. We generally focus on selling short term options but also

How much do you charge for your service?

We offer two plans. The Short Dimer Program at $119 a month or $999 per year or the Total Dimer Program at $199 a month or $1599 per year. The yearly plans offer over 30% in savings.

What service do you provide?

SteadyDime is an options trading educational service. We provide as much education and courses as you are willing to learn. Our goal is to provide top-notch education and highly thought out researched trade ideas. We implore you to be an educated options trader. We will help you get there and hopefully make some trading income along the way.

What if I never have traded before?

If you are new to options, our recommendation would be to wait to subscribe. Our “Investors Love Options” eBook is a great resource to start. Plus it’s free! You can also purchase our 10-hour Options Training Course if you’re serious about diving in and becoming a sophisticated options trader. There are also great resources for learning on our Course Modules page. Once you're up to speed come back and be a Total Dimer!

What sort of trading capital do I need to start?

We highly emphasize a high trade count and small position sizes. This will always keep you solvent even in a tough market. We suggest you have a minimum of $10,000 and do not trade over 1% of the value of your portfolio. Most traders who lose trading in options try to maximize leverage and trade too large of positions. Again we stress small position sizes.

How will I be notified of the trade recommendations?

As of right now, you will be notified by email, and you can always login into your account and see if any new positions have been updated in the portfolio. In the coming months, we will be adding text alerts for those who wish to opt-in.

Will you provide a price to trade at and when to exit the trade?

Yes, when we sent the trade alert, we include a limit price which should be used as a max price to enter and exit a trade. We will always provide you with an alert as to when to exit or roll a trade as well.

Which broker should I use?

We do not make any recommendations on which broker you should use. There are many high-quality options brokers out there.

Do you offer Auto-Trading directly to my brokerage account?

At this point, we do not. We believe the trade should first be reviewed by you to see if it’s a fit for your portfolio and even be reviewed by a financial advisor if you have one. You also need to be a registered investment adviser to offer that service, and we have no desire to be one. Again we believe you should make the final decision before a trade enters your account.

What type of market conditions do your strategies work best in?

We love volatility, the more the better. The more volatility the more opportunities there are for us to make money. Our recommendations are to work for any market condition or direction.

How many trades do you average per week\month?

The number of trades will vary widely based on market conditions and volatility. We are not a service that is going to guarantee a trade a week or x # of trades a month. We provide high-quality, well-researched ideas. If a trade doesn’t present itself, we won’t force it when traders do that they lose money.