Total Dimer Program

Total Dimer Program

  • What is the Total Dimer Program?

    The Total Dimer Package includes access to the Short Dimer Program. Additionally, the package includes numerous other trade ideas not limited to any specific strategy. We scour the market for opportunities and potential profitable trades utilizing any strategy that we believe will work. This could quite literally be anything from a straight purchase of a put spread on a name we are bearish on to a risk reversal in a name we covet. We may purchase carry trades on the VIX using options or a take position on an index where we think volatility is too low.

  • What would a typical trade look like?

    As stated above there are no typical trades when you are a total dimer. Here are a few examples though.
    VXX Trade playing a revert to mean in volatility
    Buy 1 VXX 30 Put @ .50 cents
    Sell 1 VXX 28 Put @ .10 cents.
    Net Debit of .40 cents
    VRTX Risk Reversal-costless upside trade with exposure below 135
    Buy 1 VRTX 175 Call @ $4.00
    Sell 1 VRTX 135 Put @ $4.20
    Net Credit .20 cents
    NFLX Straddle whereby we think the implied move of 6.4% is too low.
    Buy 1 NFLX 175 Put @ $6.00
    Buy 1 NFLX 175 Call @ $5.20
    Net Debit $11.20
    AAPL Strangle whereby we think the implied move is too high and we do not think the stock will reach our outer bands
    Sell 1 AAPL 165 Call @ $1.35
    Sell 1 AAPL 135 Put @ $1.85
    Net Credit $3.20
    Many many more...

  • What securities do you typically trade in the Total Dimer Package?

    We can't emphasize enough that this is the kitchen sink package. If it moves and if volatility presents an opportunity we are tracking it. The Total Dimer Package may trade a variety of indexes and securities assuming there is enough option liquidity to trade.

  • What kind of risk management do you use?

    We are methodical about risk management. Options trading does not work without it. First we make sure to size positions correctly. We never allocate too much capital to one trade. Second, We always initiate trades where the probabilities are in our favor. This doesn't guarantee a profitable outcome but at least we start with an advantage. We only make trades we are comfortable with. We don't make outlandish claims on returns and we tend to more of a grinder in terms of profits. The main premise of risk management is to have plan going into each trade. We always have a proper entry and exit strategy in place before we ever make a recommendation.

  • What does the payoff diagram look like?

    Payoff Diagrams will be included with each trade recommendation.

  • How many trades per month will I see?

    On top of the Short Dimer Program trades for the Total Dimer Package will vary depending on levels of volatility in the index or security. Our goal is to have a high probability of winners and not just make recommendations for the sake of recommending. We truly believe in our motto a steady dime is better than a seldom dollar.

  • What is the monthly subscription price for the Iron Condor Package?

    If you choose per month it is $199. A yearly subscription is $1599 and saves you over 30%.